Apex Legends Mobile Possible Release Date?

Apex Legends is a very popular PC battle royale game that will soon be available on Android/iOS under the name of Apex Legends Mobile sometime in 2022. There is a new rumor that the mobile version might be launched between July and September 2022, the beta testing will start much before that.

Apex Legends. Mobile is a free-to-play Battle Royale game, which will be released very soon. If you guys remember, then it was available for closed beta testing in India and the Philippines in the year 2021 in September month. In that closed beta testing the game was Installed and played by many people across the globe and people really had great reviews of this game.

But unfortunately, there were only 2 more closed beta testing which were rolled out in 2021, and now apex legends mobile is just getting delayed by every single month. EA announced that Apex Legends Mobile is getting closed beta testing then they delayed it by two to three months and they just kept repeating this cycle.

But fortunately, we have great news from the EA team itself that Apex Legends mobile is going to be released in 2022 and hopefully, we’ll be able to see a new closed beta testing of Apex Legends mobile very soon. It is also stated by the developers that Apex Legends Mobile Is going to get a closed beta in the month of March or April. Two more months, and we’ll be able to enjoy Apex Legends mobile. And then, the global beta launch will commence.

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