Recently an “apparent” PS3 Emulator For Android Popped Up on YouTube known as Project Artemis PS3 Emulator For Android. In today’s post, we will be talking about it and if Artemis PS3 Emulator is real and also it’s gameplay. So let’s begin.

Artemis Emulator Basic Info :

This all started when a person under the youtube channel called ‘Artemis Emulator’ started uploading gameplays titled Artemis PS3 Emulator For Android. And according to him we also have a possible release date for this Emulator.

The channel owner has uploaded 10 videos in total as of now testing various PS3 games on this so-called Emulator.

Some Of the games he tested in his video

• GTA V.

• GTA 4.


• Persona 5.

One of the gameplays uploaded on artemis emulator.

But there is something fishy here. The person uploaded gameplay of GTA V apparently running on this Artemis Emulator and it was getting 60fps. Whereas GTA V is capped to 30fps on PS3, this led many people to believe that it’s a false project, but its counterpart, the owner of Artemis Emulator declared that he isn’t doing it for money and the emulator will most probably be released on March 4, 2022, and the Artemis PS3 Emulator closed testing me start soon!

Now people have started demanding that the Artemis Emulator app should be sent for review and testing to some of the trusted emulator reviewers on YouTube like BiFrozT to test and see if this is a real emulator for the closed beta. Many people have mixed opinions on the Artemis emulator, some say it’s real, some don’t. Very less is known about this emulator, people are asking Artemis Emulator to showcase its app interface and settings as PS3 games running at 60fps on android is a dream, which is very difficult to complete. Not much is known about this emulator and so we cannot say if it’s a real project or not. I believe we should wait for 4th March and see if the developer releases Artemis PS3 Emulator for android or not!

Till then we have other projects to look forward to like Damon PS3 Emulator For Android and also Damon Switch Emulator For Android! The future is bright for emulation!

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