In today’s post I will be explaining the top 5 upcoming features of BGMI Lite aka Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite.

It is an upcoming battleroyale game for low end mobile devices. There are many rumours that this game is currently under development and may be releasing soon.

For release date leak check-out this post: BGMI Lite Leaked Release Date.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite Information:

This game is going to be released on google playstore presumably in 2022. Krafton has finnally decided to give some thought to Pubg mobile lite audience. Many people have grinded in pubg mobile lite in india before it’s ban. After it’s ban everyone was devasted as their inventory worth lakhs was useless, and they game lost all its value in india.

But not all hope is lost, thanks to youtubers and Pubg mobile lite india audience with #WeWantBGMILite. They have demanded from krafton to think about Indian Pubg Lite audience as well.

you guys know then this game is not dead yet, it still gets new winner pass. So after all the ruckus krafton stopped ignoring Pubg mobile lite India audience and started taking polls and asking them why they want Bgmi Lite back.

After considering the results krafton took appropriate actions by starting to work on BGMI Lite. But it’s more problematic then that, krafton abandoned Pubg Mobile Lite and didn’t give any major updates since late 2020 globally. So we demand that now they will have to provide updates to the global version of the game too.

Here are the top 5 leaked features of BGMI Lite:

Battlegrounds mobile India lite

Top 5 Features:

1. Special Events For Indians!

Once the BGMI Lite is released on playstore, we will get to see special events for Indian audience. These special events include indian festivals. For example: Holi event, Diwali event and much more.

2. New Logo And Game Theme

Bgmi Lite will have a brand new logo along with Indian theme. It will be similar to what we saw in BGMI. This game will not be related to Tencent in any way, it will have only the krafton branding. The logo and theme will continue to change from update to update.

3. New Winner Pass

Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite will feature a brand new winner pass. It will have new & unique winner pass rewards. Along with Legendary and Mythic outfits. This winner pass will be cheaper too! We might get to see an new winner pass system.

4. Esports for Indians

In BGMI Lite, along with special events for Indian audience, there will special scrims and esports events too! Only Indians will get opportunity to participate in these events and make a name for themselves and their clan.

5. New Special Mode And Map:

Special map or mode may get added in BGMI Lite. There will also be changes is the map before the game’s release. It will be similar to that of BGMI. Krafton will focus on making this game less violent, so the blood colour in game will also be changed to green.

More Possible Features:
  1. Only Indian Players Matchmaking.
  2. New Asia severe with less ms.
  3. New game ui.

So that concludes our today’s post for top 5 upcoming features of battlegrounds mobile India lite. Let’s stay tuned and comment we want Bgmi lite.

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