When we talk about battle royale games the first things that come to our mind is BGMI ( Battlegrounds Mobile India ) and Free Fire. Somehow people managed to play Free Fire because its system requirement is low but they can’t afford to run BGMI on their low-end devices.

Don’t worry there are other battle royale games too which you can try on your low-end smartphone. You can check out some games in the list below.

Battle Royale Games For Low End Devices

Here are a list of 5 battle royale games for low-end smartphones:

1. Scarfall : The Royale Combat

It is available for free in the play store to download. It has more than 5M+ downloads with a 4.2-star rating. It is an online shooting game with a survival challenge.

The size of the game is 615MB. The graphics according to the size is quite good. Here you can also create a private room where you can challenge your friend. It has many different modes too. If you want to get a good experience with your low-end device then you can try this game.

2. Battle Royale 3D- Warrior63

It is also available in the play store. It has more than 1M+ downloads with a rating of 4.1 stars. The graphics of the game is decent don’t expect any high graphics from this game. It is totally for low-end devices.

It has a mega map of 4km x 4km. The rule is very simple, the last man standing will be the winner. Here you can also find cars and boats and a variety of weapons. If your phone has low space and RAM then do check out this game.

3. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

This game has more than 10M+ downloads. It is not a realistic type battle royale game it is pixel type. The size of the game is 132MB. It has a 4.1 Star rating and it has decent graphics.

This game also contains different types of characters so you can select your favorite one. It can run on low-end devices easily because of pixel graphics. The rule is just like other games you have to stand till last. It has new game modes too. So overall the game is decent and you can try it.

4. FOG – MOBA Battle Royale Game

This game has 1M+ downloads. It has a rating of 4.2 stars. The size of the game is 88MB. Due to its low size, it can be run on any device.

In this game, you can customize your character. You can also choose your favorite character. It is a fantasy-type game you will find here bow, a sword, etc. instead of weapons that you find in other battle royale games. There is going to be 30 players battle and the last player standing will be the winner.

5. Battle Royale Shooting Games

This game has 1M+ downloads and has a rating of 3.9 stars. The size of the game is 105MB. So according to the size don’t expect something huge. The graphics of this game is below average but it will run easily on a low-end device. If we compare graphics with size then it’s decent.

It is offline so you can play it when you don’t have internet. Only try it when the upper games available on the list do not work on your phone.

From Where We Can Download These Games?

All the games mentioned above are available on the google play store and you can download it free of cost. All these games are going to work fine on your low-end smartphone.

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