If you are a parent who wants their kids to know how to manage the money they can get them prepaid cards or if you are a teenager and find it difficult to carry cash then you can shift to a digital wallet, can get your UPI id and prepaid card too.

These apps provide 2 types of card payment options first digital which you can use to pay online on any site and the second is physical which you can use on any store. Some also support the ATM Withdrawal feature. So now let’s talk about some awesome apps that you can trust:

1. Fam Pay

There is no doubt whenever there will be a list of payment apps for teens Fam Pay app will be on top. It provides so many features but it doesn’t support ATM Withdrawal features, Fam Pay’s main target is to make transactions cashless. It provides you with a digital card and you can order physical cards too. It also provides your UPI id and QR code. You can pay by scanning qr code. It provides you VISA card which is very good.

It provides you coins on each transaction using which you can join any giveaway or can use it to exchange some offer or rewards. Overall it is the best app and only for those who want to do everything cashless.

2. FYP

It is a good app but it lacks many things like no QR code scanning option, no UPI id but don’t worry they will bring a UPI QR scanning option very soon. It provides a VISA card, you can use a card digitally or you can order a physical one. If we talk about the good thing it provides you ATM withdrawal feature. It is guaranteed that the UPI scanning option is gonna come soon so just wait for it. It provides cashback on transactions and it also has a coins system that you can use in apps to win. At last, it provides a referral bonus. Overall app is good and you can give it a try.

3. Junio Or Akudo

These are two different apps, Junio provides atm withdrawal whereas audio doesn’t provide. These are just simple app just like FYP but their ratings is below than 4 in the play store right now.

4. Omnicard

This app provides a Rupay card but don’t worry Rupay card is accepted almost everywhere. It provides an UPI scanning option so you can easily scan any QR code. It provides you a free card. You can give it a try. According to them, they will soon introduce an ATM withdrawal feature which makes this app quite good. You can give it a try but it lakes on giving cashback and rewards. It provides some kind of discounts you can claim using coins but it does not provide any cash like a reward.

Which is best?

Fam Pay is the best no doubt but you can give it a try to FYP app, FYP is advertising their app on YouTube channels which makes it quite popular. So you can consider these two first other app is also good and it totally depends on your need too. Fam Pay, FYP, Junio all these apps charge money on physical cards so keep this in mind Omnicard provides it’s free. So you can check out other app’s ratings and review on YouTube.

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