In today’s post I will be talking about a brand new leak of BGMI Lite Release Date In India from a trusted source!

All We Know About BGMI Lite:

On September 2 (2020), games like PUBG MOBILE and PUBG MOBILE LITE were banned by Indian Government.

As you all know, Pubg Mobile India Lite is the most anticipated game of 2022! There have been many rumours, leaks and news about Battlegrounds India Lite till now, and we have the biggest leak of any one of them!

Krafton has finally noticed the Pubg Mobile lite indian audience, who were asking for BGMI Lite with #wewantbgmilite on livestream. And also asking BGMI youtubers, and also pubg mobile lite indian youtubers to join this campaign. This has proved very useful and because of this Krafton is finally planning on releasing Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite in 2022, Krafton has already took many polls from Pubg Mobile lite indian audience regarding why they want Bgmi Lite.

Why We Want BGMI Lite?

This is the question many BGMI influencers are asking the general Pubg Mobile audience as according to krafton BGMI is really well optimized for low end devices, which totally is false, BGMI lags a lot even on mid range 2022 devices, and due to that many people cannot enjoy the true lag free battleground gameplay experience, and not to mention that there any many people who invested tons of money Pubg Mobile Lite and after the ban they are now unable to play the game which is very disappointing to them.

Few Other Reasons:

• Playing with VPN is inconvenient

• The size of BGMI is too large so battlegrounds mobile India lite version is necessary.

BGMI LITE Features:

In Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite 60 players drop onto a 2km x 2km island rich in resources and duke it out for survival in a shrinking battlefield. Search for weapons, vehicles, and supplies to aid you in the battle. Prepare to land and fight to be the last one standing!

Fair gaming environment Advanced anti-cheat system to ensure all Battlegrounds India lite players can enjoy a fair gaming experience.

Arena Warehouse: intense 4 vs 4 battle with endless respawns for thrilling matches!

Team up with friends Local team up, room cards and clan modes make it easier to keep playing with your friends any time, any place.

HD graphics and audio The amazing Unreal Engine 4 creates realistic and immersive gameplay on an expansive HD map. High definition audio and 3D sound effects bring you into the firefights like never before.

Bgmi Lite Leaked Logo

BGMI Lite Confirmed Minimum Requirements:

This is the confirmed minimum device requirements of this upcoming battleroyale game for android.

BGMI Lite Minimum Requirements
Size of the game – 550 MB
OS – Android 4.1


This is the biggest and greatest leak from our internal sources! Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite is expected to launch in Holi 2022, Krafton is planning to launch this game on a festival that matters to Indians, and Holi is the greatest time for them to release the Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite as the Indian gamers will be very happy. Hence there are more chances of this getting released in Holi 2022 according to our internal leaks, who were able to find out what krafton is planning regarding Battlegrounds India lite.


It is going to be the best upcoming battleroyale game for low end mobile devices and it might be coming way sooner than we expect!

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