Call of duty Warzone Mobile Is Finally Confirmed, Now pre register & download the game as soon as it’s released

Call of Duty is one of the most popular Battle Royale games. It has more than 100M downloads on the play store. There is not much information available related to Call of Duty Mobile 2. There are just many rumors that are coming. But I am going to share all information about it available for now. In other words, upcoming sequel of Call of Duty mobile.

Confirmation COD Warzone Mobile:

It has been confirmed officially by Activision. iFerg, a steamer of Call of Duty Mobile, confirms that Call of Duty Mobile 2 is under development and will release soon. He said that they have assembled a dedicated team for the development of the game. The game will be developed on Unreal Engine, the game will come with very amazing graphics which will match the gaming level of PC and consoles.

Of course, it is not going to match PC-level graphics, but you will definitely get the experience same as PC. It is amazing news for mobile gamers and COD fans.

Leaks also point out that Call of Duty Mobile 2 will come with a highly popular Battle royale PC mode, which may be a warzone. This version is focused on bringing famous PC game mode on Mobile.

Features of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile:

You can also call it Call of Duty war zone. It will come with more amazing graphics. It will contain new modes too. The size is also going to be big because the experience you will get will be the same as PC and console. It will come in Mobile with many features of Call of Duty Warzone PC.

You can expect a lot with this new version. Other than it might, can support the controller. They are testing whether they can provide the same experience as PC and console in Mobile. It might come with the cross-play option with Pc and console players

Call of duty warzone mobile Download / Pre-Register:

You can Download / Pre Reigster Call Of Duty Mobile Warzone from the link given below

Release Date:

Unfortunately, there is no information available at this moment related to the release date of the game, it just has been confirmed by a streamer. But maybe in the upcoming months, Activision can officially confirm the development of the game. The game is still under development and nobody knows when the development will finish.
You can expect beta testing may be in late 2022. Yup, there is no guarantee it is just expected time, it can even take a longer time. But many sources do confirm that its release in 2022 is possible.

At last

There is nothing more information available about this game but yes there is a high chance that it could come by late 2022, aside from this there will be more battle royale games released in 2022. So, this year we are going to see the release of many new games. Call of Duty Mobile 2 will be the one that fans will eagerly be waiting for.

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