Call of duty modern warfare is one of the most iconic game ever! Unfortunately, it is a console only game like almost every other COD games, and at the time of its release there were no capable mobile devices to run it. But finally! In 2023, this has changed. As technology and smartphone chips have progressed since, it’s finally possible to play Modern Warfare 2019 on your android devices! It’s called as COD / Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile.

Call of duty modern warfare mobile

What is COD MW 19 Mobile?

Well, it’s a call of duty fan game currently under development for android devices. The developer is determined to make it as good as the real cod modern warfare 2019 of consoles. Seems crazy and impossible right? Actually it’s not! Let me explain.

Since 2016 Mobile fan games have progressed more and more, currently in 2023 we are at its peak. As you may have read from our previous post, where we talked about the best gta 5 fan-made game for mobile. If you just look at it’s graphics, you’ll be amazed. With the help of game development engines like Unity & Unreal, the fan games are getting way better. Almost to the level of original games! The most surprising part is that these fan games have only one or few developers compared to the big studios who have hundreds of employees!

How To Download/Play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Mobile:

Now that you got to understand the basic knowledge behind the development of the game, let’s talk about how you can actually play this fan game on your mobile. Let’s start off by talking the minimum requirements to play this game on android.

Game Size: 900MB

Game Mode: OFFLINE/ONLINE(soon)

Minimum Requirements:

  • Android 8.0 or above (may work on older versions but will cause some issues)
  • 2GB Of RAM
  • OpenGLES 3.0 or above (most devices even old one come with v3.0 so you don’t have to worry)
  • 2GB Free Storage

If your android device meets the following requirements, then worry no more! You can easily play this game on your phone. Unfortunately as of now this game is only available for Android OS and not for iOS. But stay tuned, it might come later.

The next step is to download and install this fan game! For that I have provided it’s official link below!

It will be in zip file format. Once downloaded, just extract the zip file to get the apk which will be around 900MB, to extract you can use zArchiever. Simply install the game apk file, open it and start playing!

More Screenshot:

And that’s about it! Now enjoy the fun experience of classic COD MW on your mobile.

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