In this post, I’ll be giving you the full info about the Damon PS3 emulator for Android. I will cover its release date, God Of War 3 FPS Test, and more!

What is Damon PS3 Emulator?

It is a Closed Source PlayStation 3 Emulator For Android which is scheduled to be released very soon! I will be also telling you its release date later on.

This PlayStation 3 Emulator is apparently forked from the RPCS3 emulator. Which is an open-source emulator available for PC. There are also many speculations that this emulator is going to be paid for. It will be officially released on Google Playstore.

The emulator is repeatedly teased by the developer/owner of Damon Emulators on his Baidu Page. All the information that is being given in this post has been officially confirmed by the developer in his posts on his Baidu Page. The developer has provided us with some useful information including the FPS test of God Of War 3 on the emulator.

Minimum Requirements?

This emulator is currently not available to the general audience, it has also not been tested on many devices as it’s currently under development. But fortunately, the developers have informed us of the possible minimum requirements for the app.

Here are the confirmed minimum requirements:

  • Android OS: 10.0+
  • RAM: 6GB+
  • OpenGL: 3.2
  • PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 870 Or Above

Which Games Have Been Tested?

This is classified information as the developers haven’t revealed them yet. But one game that’s been tested on the Damon PS3 Emulator is GOD OF WAR 3.

And the results are surprising! Even if the Emulator is in the alpha stage, it managed to run God Of War 3 At 7-8FPS On Snapdragon 870 Processor Device. Well, it’s very demanding. But we should understand that PS3 emulation is very hard on mobile. It’s not stable even for PC, expecting the games to work on low-end devices is just not possible.

Our mobile processors are getting more powerful day by day, and with that fact in mind, we should expect that full-speed PS3 emulation may be possible in the future.

Damon PS3 Emulator Release Date

Thankfully, the developers have revealed the release date of this emulator. Damon PS3 Emulator will be released on android by the next Chinese Lunar Year. This means, that this emulator will be released by or before February 2023.

This is really great news as the developers are planning to release the emulator directly on the play store. The Damon Switch Emulator is also planned to be released before the PS3 Emulator.


There are many other things which need to be considered as well. The price of the emulator is unknown, whether they’ll use some other emulator’s code or not is also unknown. One thing we do know though is we will have to wait and watch!

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