In today’s post, I’ll be telling you How To Download Egg NS Emulator V3.0.3 New Update Which Has Finally Added Touch Controls Support!

After two years of waiting, we finally have the on-screen control update. Now we can play more Nintendo switch games on android in this version including witcher 3 and more.

What is Egg Ns Emulator?

Egg NS is an app that lets you emulate Nintendo Switch games on android. You can use this app to play Switch games on daily mobile phones to provide players with a different game experience. Before this emulator required you to own a specific gamepad known as Gamesir X2 Gamepad. You won’t be needing that anymore! Now you will be able to use this emulator without this gamepad. But unfortunately, this touch control is only available for VIP members. So you will need to buy a VIP subscription in egg ns emulator to get touch controls. You will also need a good high-end android device to run this emulator! Note Egg ns is not a verified emulator so I would recommend not to use it unless you have a suitable device that exceeds the minimum requirements.

Egg NS can run more than 500 switch games smoothly, and will also support more and more games in the future. Like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Super Mario Odyssey, and so on/

Minimum Requirements:

  • Snapdragon 855+ or above processor.
  • Android 10 or above.

Egg Ns Emulator Download

You can download egg ns latest update from here:

You will also need the switchdroid folder:

Extract Switchdroid folder zip to your internal storage.

Once you download it, you can easily install it by opening the apk and updating it. Once you update, just open the app and see all the changes in this new version. Click on the VIP section to see the touch controls option.

And that’s how you can install and play Egg NS v3.0.3 Update!

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  1. techylist says:

    This is a great emulator! I’m glad to see that FroztTech is still keeping it up.

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