Everyone has a dream of playing their favourite console games on mobile. Today i will tell you how to make it a reality through Google Stadia!

What Is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is a free cloud gaming service developed by Google. It has the capability to streaming the games to players at up to 4K res at 60 fps. These games can be streamed on mobile devices with just an Wi-Fi or Data Connect. It supports high-dynamic-range via the company’s numerous data centers.

The game is running on Google’s server. We get to play it by streaming it onto our mobile devices! From heavy console games like Dragon Ball Z to classics like Assassin’s Creed, everything is available.

Most importantly google offers these services for free for a month. This way everyone can give their services a try and enjoy it for free.

Supported Countries:

Stadia is currently limited to only few countries at the moment. But don’t worry! If your country name isn’t in the list below you can use a VPN to play it. I will explain more about it later.

Stadia is available in the following countries:

United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

How To Play Console Games On Android Using Stadia:

First Install Google Stadia: Free From Playstore. If stadia is not available in your country then download it from the link given below.

After you have downloaded Stadia, Install the apk on your android device. If you are an iOS user, You can download Google Stadia for iOS from AppStore.

Once you have installed it, do the following:

If you are not from the countries supported by Stadia use this VPN to get access:

Now open install the VPN app, open it and select the country as United States. After this just open Google Stadia.

Once you open the Stadia select the account which you want to play with. Then it will ask you to choose a avatar and also username. It will ask you few things related to your gaming preferences. Select the preferences and click on next.

After that it will ask you to get the free one month trial. Just buy the trial using PayPal or Credit/Debit Card. Now you are all set! You can start playing console games on android using stadia.

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