Animation is spreading very quickly among everyone. Animation makes things more interesting to watch. If you also want to do animation but you don’t have any pc then don’t worry you can do animation with your Android phone too.

High Quality Animation From Android?

Making animation or animated videos from an Android phone is not an easy task. You must have basic level knowledge about how frame-by-frame animation work. You should know how to do good coloring and then add shadows and finishing to it. There is no doubt that mobile animated videos will always have less quality but if you draw well and smooth animation with good coloring, background people will definitely like it.

Starting As A Beginners

If you are a beginner and just try to make animation without coloring first. The best way is to practice in the flipbook where you can draw frame-by-frame animation. You can first draw rough sketches in a drawing book of every part then you can do outlining and coloring in phones. This is the same process that used to make anime but of course, they don’t use phones.

Best App For Animation In Android?

There is no competition Flipaclip is at the top position. It provides you with all the basic things so don’t look for any advanced tool. The app is free but it has limitations like you can only use a few layers in normal use but after purchasing premium you can add up to 10 layers. The price of the premium plan is very low it’s around ₹129 which is very cheap.

Is It Important TO Purchase Premium Plan?

If you are a total beginner but learn on the free version then buy the plan because it’s a one-time payment plan means just paying the amount and it to life and the price is very cheap too.

Is It Worth To Purchase Premium Plan?

If we see the price then it’s worth it but even with a premium plan, it doesn’t give you unlimited layer access so it depends on you.


Use flipaclip for animation in Android and if you really wanna make good animation then you can buy a premium plan too.

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