Unable to play the new Apex Legends Mobile Beta because it’s not available in your country? No worries! I will show you a trick to play this game in any country.

Apex Legends Mobile:

Apex Legends™ Mobile is finally here. It is an brand new 2022 battle royale mobile game. It has amazing features like:

  • Multiplayer, first-person (FPP) and third-person (TPP) shooter gameplay.
  • Fast paced combat with shorter matches and more exhilarating action!
  • Amazing console level graphics with breathtaking visuals.
  • New characters and their story development.
  • Many gameplay modes including TDM, battleroyale mode and more!

The game is amazing, but there’s one problem. It isn’t out globally yet. EA is still releasing closed regional beta of this game, but not everyone can participate in them. These are strictly region specific beta testing, but not to worry we have the trick!

How To Play Apex Legends Mobile In USA

As mentioned before these beta versions are released on AppStore and Playstore in specific regions only. So to play this game anywhere, we just need to change the region of our Apple/Google Account! (And also use a VPN).

So let me go in-depth of how you can play this game.


If you want to play the Apex Legends Mobile Closed Beta on Android, then do the following things:

Download SecureVPN from Playstore Or the Link Given Below

Now open the app and click on the location button at the top right corner.

Once you have opened the server location section, click on Singapore. And you will be successfully connected to the VPN of Singapore servers.

Now clear data of Google Playstore by holding the playstore icon and click on app info then clear data. After that, Re-Open playstore and click on your profile.

Now click on add another account it and create a brand new Google account. In this brand new account you have to select your country as Mexico or Singapore. Once you create a Google account just switch into that account.

Now refresh the Google Play Store by reopening it. After that you just have to search Apex legends mobile and you will see that you can now download The Apex legends mobile directly from Play Store so click on install and your download will start.


For iPhone or iPad we will use similar trick, first open the app store and click on your profile.

Now go ahead and click on your Apple ID. Afterwards you will see an option to change country/region. You will just have to click on it.

then click on change country/region again. Afterwards it will ask you to select a new country. Now we have to scroll down and select Mexico.

Once you select the country it will ask you to agree its terms and conditions so click on agree. Afterwards add the following info as shown below.

Now just click on next and click on done. Afterwards your AppStore will be refreshed. Now just go ahead and search Apex legends mobile and click on install. By the way you don’t need to worry once you install Apex legends mobile you can change your country/region to its default by following similar step.

Apex Legends Mobile In IOS.

Now before opening the game download Vpnify from the AppStore. Link will be given below

Open the VPNIFY app and select the server as Singapore. Now we are all set, just connect the VPN open the game and enjoy playing Apex Legends Mobile In USA or any country Worldwide!


So this is the way you can use to play the closed beta in usa or any country.

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