In today’s post I will tell you How To Play New Pokemon Legends Arceus GBA Rom Hack On Android.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the 2022 flagship Pokemon game released only for Nintendo Switch. But worry not! Thanks to few Pokemon rom hack developers, we can now get the hisuian pokemon experience on our mobile devices.


Pokémon Hisui Red is a fire red with quality of life changes and featuring the hisui region pokemon, newly introduced in the new main franchise game, Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Physical/Special/Status Split.
· Colored Natures.
· BW Repel System.
· Poison Survival.
· Exp Catch.
· Level Cap.
· Buy 10 pokeballs and get a Premier.
· Reusable TMs.
· Deletable HMs.
· Disable medicine Itens battle usage.
· Some Abilities from gen VI.
· Some Moves from gen VI.
· Every Hisui Pokémon(in progress).
· DPPT font(removed).
· Starters Learnsets update to Legends Arceus Updates.
· New Sword And Shield type icons.
· A.I Update.
· E4 closed(working on)

V1.3 changelog
· Add Ursaluna.
· Add Sneasler.
· Hisui Pokeballs.
· New Sprites.
· Exp all.
· New Hp Bars.

How To Play Pokemon Legends Arceus On Android:

To Play Pokemon Hisui Red on android, follow the steps below.

First you’ll need to download & install a gba emulator on android as this is a gba rom hack. Download link for the emulator is given below.

After you download & install the gba emulator from playstore, now you need to load the hisui red rom hack on your android device. For that, open the link given below to download Hisui Red on your android device.

Once you download the Hisui red, it will be in a zip file. Extract the zip file using Zarchiever or any file manager.

Now open the emulator, find the folder in which you stored the HisuiRed1.3.gba file. Then click on the game and your game will start!

Enjoy the hisuian pokemon experience on your android devices.


All the credits for this gba rom hack goes to @Slowbroth3r Official. Here is his Youtube channel link.

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