In today’s post I will be talking about how to play all real pokemon games on android using a brand new cloud gaming app!

Play Real Pokemon Games

There are many Pokemon games available on playstore, but if we want to play real pokemon games released on switch on our android devices them we can either use a switch emulator or a cloud gaming app!

For today’s method we will be using a cloud gaming app as not everyone has a good smartphone capable of emulating nintendo switch games at decent fps.


You will need the following things if you want to play real nintendo switch pokemon games on android using the cloud gaming app:

Android: 5.0 Or Above.

Internet with minimum 2MBps Speed.

WeChat Account!

How To Play:

First of all you will need to enable internet connection, after that you will need to install the cloud gaming app which will be linked here : Download The Cloud Gaming App.

Once you have opened the link just click on the app button in orange located at the bottom of the link.

After that your cloud gaming app will start downloading. Once it has been downloaded just install the app and you are all set!

Now open the app, scroll down until you find the Pokemon Legends Arceus Game Logo!

Pokemon Legends Arcues in this app!

Once You find it you can scroll down and you’ll find more Nintendo switch Pokemon Games like Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl, Pokemon Sword And Shield!

Select the game which you want to play and then click on the RTX 2060 button on the game menu and it will ask you to login to the app.

It will ask you to login using a Chinese phone number or We chat, QQ or using Chinese ID. We want to login using we chat as it’s easy to use and anyone can create account in it. Just click on the we chat logo and type your WeChat login details, and once you click on okay, there will be a small queue of few people, so wait until it’s your turn! You’ll get a pop-up asking to join the game, just click on the orange button and boom! Enjoy Real Pokemon Games On Android.

Download The Cloud Gaming App : Here

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