Everyone wishes to play high-end games but they won’t be able to play because they don’t have any good PC or console to play. If you don’t have a PC or console it means your parent isn’t allowing you or you can afford it. There can be many reasons behind it. Why do many people want consoles for gaming? Consoles are specially designed to run only games in it and if you will choose to build a high-end PC then it will cost more than the cost of a console. Even then many people can’t able to afford it and still they want to play games in console even just for one time.

Don’t worry guys, if you can’t afford a new console then there is a solution for you. Today, you can rent furniture, cars, houses then why not console? Yes, you heard right now you can easily rent a console at a cheap rate. You can rent Laptop too. You can rent them for a minimum of 24 hours and prices differ from place to place. Further, we will discuss more. So let’s go

How can we rent a console?

As you already know that there is no worldwide website available which is providing this kind of service of renting. So what you have to do is to search on Google about it. There is no guarantee that this type of service will be available when you will search. But yes you can try. Rates of renting a console or gaming laptop differ from place to place. If you are getting a good rate then you can go for it. Make sure to check out reviews of public or if there are new services then you can call them personally to find out more details.

But if you are in India and live in Mumbai or Bengaluru then you can rent a gaming PC, laptop, console and more using Rentkar.


They provide their services at very very very limited places in India. They provide very cheap services. You can rent a console at a cheap price between 300-500rs for 24 hours. If you want to rent it for a longer time then you can also do that. They don’t have a website or an app but you can call them or you can message them on their Instagram account. They provide a few more things than consoles which you can rent.

For how many days we can rent?

Well, it depends on the service provider. If service providers have limited resources and high customer demand so they can deny your request. You can easily rent for 24 hours or even longer, they can accept your request if you will tell them. You can ask them for offers if you will rent it for longer times like renting for a week


If you had a great desire to play on a console like PS4 or you can give someone a present for a day by renting a PC, laptop or console. If you want to play high-end games and never played them until now then you can get that experience at a cheap rate. So yes, I recommend it because it’s cheap and affordable and you can even rent for a long time if you want. I already told you that it is not available everywhere so just you can try your luck by searching on Google.

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