Hey everyone, welcome back to another new post. Today i will be showing you how to run windows 10 on android using limbo emulator.

What Is Limbo Emulator?

Limbo is an open-source emulator for x86 and x64 android devices. It let’s you emulate many operating systems on android in real-time. Features many amazing features which help run any operating system, without a hassle! it’s available on GitHub. Today, we will be using it.

Limbo emulator is a QEMU-based emulator for android devices. It supports emulation for these architectures: x86/x86_64 ARM/ARM64 PowerPC/PowerPC64.

Minimum Device Requirements To Run Windows 10 On Android:

You will need the following device specifications if you want to run windows 10 on android:

1. Snapdragon 660 processor or above for good experience, and Snapdragon 855 or above for best experience.

2. 4GB Ram as your device will also have to provide independent ram for the operating system in limbo emulator.

3. A qcow2 copy of Windows 10 which you can get here: (Pass for extraction: itsnewday)

How To Install:

Once you have downloaded a genuine windows 11 copy that works on the emulator, now you will have to download the emulator itself.

To do that first download the emulator from the given link below and install the apk file on your android device.

Download Limbo Emulator

Now comes the complicated stuff. We recommend you watch the video linked below, it will tell you how to add the windows qcow2 in limbo and what settings to apply.

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