Well seeing normal windows wallpaper daily makes you bored then you can even use live wallpaper in your windows which will give your PC a new cool look. Live wallpaper looks way more amazing than the normal wallpaper. It looks more attractive.

So if you also want to use live wallpaper then it is not a hard thing, it’s very easy but the way you are going to know in this article is going to be paid but it is not going to be too expensive it’s very cheap.

Wallpaper Engine

It is available in steam, it helps you to set live wallpaper in your windows. It supports various types of wallpaper like 2d and 3d animated, videos, etc. Or you can create your own. You can use their free mobile app to transfer your live wallpaper to your mobile paper.

Features of Wallpaper Engine

It allows you to personalize your wallpaper with your favorite color. It supports many video formats (for only local files, Workshop only allows mp4 format). Using wallpaper engine editor you can create your own animated wallpaper. Keep one thing in mind that live wallpaper will stop working while playing games to save the performance. You can use the wallpaper engine while using any other steam app or game.

It supports Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and 11 and Windows 10 and 11 are recommended so it is best if you have it. Just open the surface choose your favorite wallpaper and use it it’s very simple.

You can customize these live wallpapers too! Including changing the playback rate, sending the wallpaper to mobile using the wallpaper engine mobile app, and customizing the wallpapers on mobile too!

There are a lot of categories available in the wallpaper engine, if you are an anime fan then you can find thousands of live wallpapers of your favorite animes too!


Price is only ₹229 which is very cheap. It’s very easy to use and has many options for customization. It’s available in steam you can purchase it easily. According to the price, it is the best deal to buy you can access wide varieties of live wallpaper, you will get many customization options.

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