In today’s post i will show you how to setup skyline nintendo switch emulator on android & play switch games.

What is Skyline Emulator?

Skyline is an free open source Nintendo Switch Emulator For Android devices. This emulator is currently in alpha state and also under development since the past few years.

Currently skyline emulator is capable of running only few Nintendo switch homebrew games and commercial games. For emulating switch games you’ll need a really good device. Here are the minimum requirements:

Minimum Requirements To Run This Emulator:

You will need minimum Android 10 or above along with a Snapdragon 845 processor to run these Nintendo switch games at less than playable fps.

I have personally tested this emulator with a 2 year old mid range android device having Snapdragon 660 processor, 4gb ram and it worked fine. The game i tested was sonic mania.

How to Install:

If you have any device which is capable of emulating Nintendo switch games and meet the Minimum requirements then you we can proceed to installing it.

First of all you will have to go to the link given below and download the latest build of Skyline emulator.

After you open the download link, select the green ticked latest build. Go ahead and click on it. Note: To download the apk file you will need to sign in to your GitHub account first. You can do that by clicking on three lines at top left corner.

Now once you select the latest build, scroll down and click on apprelease.apk. Your download should start instantly if you have logged into GitHub.

Once you have downloaded the zip file, open it using zarchiever. Then install the app release.apk.

After this just go ahead and open the emulator.

How To Setup:

Once you open the emulator it will ask you to select the folder where you have dumped your Nintendo Switch Game NSP/XCI/NRO files.

Click on use this folder and allow it access. After that you nintendo to switch games will be loaded and the emulator will open.

Now you’ll notice that it will say incomplete production keys. You will need to dump the product.keys and title.keys of your Nintendo switch game. Then you have to dump it from your Nintendo switch, there are many tutorials online on how to do it. For that you can search and dump your keys.

Afterward, open the emulator settings. Now find the keys section. In which there will be 2 options, product keys, and title keys.

Now click on production keys and it will ask you to open the folder where you have stored the .key file.

Open the folder and click the prod.key and it will say successfully imported!

Now do the same with the title.key and congrats! now you are all set to play games 😀

The game feed will get refreshed once you exit from settings. Now just click on the switch game you want to play and the game should start.

Skyline Emulator Running Sonic Mania

Compatibility List:

Here is the compatibility list of the Skyline emulator. These are the games that work in the emulator.

AND That’s how folks you set up the skyline Nintendo switch emulator for android. Stay tuned for more posts on emulation.

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