MrBeast is hands down the richest YouTuber ever. Here’s is MrBeast accurate earnings per video and also total money earned.

But before we do the sum. We need to find out how much money he spends in order to make videos.

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast is an American Influencer, Businessman, and Philanthropist. Has Been Credited With Pioneering A Genre On Youtube Focused On Expensive Stunts!

He Undertook Many Great Projects Like Planting 20 Million Trees. Raising 30 Million Dollars For Cleaning Seas! He is also responsible for the growth of platforms like Youtube. He invests millions of dollars to create content on these platforms.

MrBeast Accomplishments

He Has Accomplished Nearly 150 Million Subscribers On Youtube Alone. Along With Billions Of Views And Earning Over 50,00,000$+ in a Month at the age of 23.

He started making videos on YouTube when he was 15 years old. Within 10 Years He Turned it into a 75M$ Business.

How Much Does MrBeast Spend On A Single Video?

This is important as to make money you need to invest first.

On many podcasts, jimmy has revealed the amount of money he spends on a single video. For the squid games video, MrBeast spent around 2,500,000$ which is an astonishing amount of money considering that youtube ad revenue decreases towards January, which was around when the video was published.

The work he puts in his videos is unbelievable, most of the successful YouTubers keep on doing what the audience wants from them. But MrBeast is not like them. He redefines the word entertainment!

On average, on his main channel, Mrbeast tends to spend around 300-400k$ Per video. He also spends a lot more than this on his gaming channel, philanthropy channel, etc. This money generally goes into building sets, paying the editors, buying props and giveaways. In a month he spends 4,000,000$.

MrBeast Earnings Per Video

As we know, to spend money we must first earn more than the expenses. Earning on YouTube is not limited, you can earn as much as you want depending on the monetized views you get. In February MrBeast was able to pull 240 million views in a single month.

Now 240 million is a huge number, but as I mentioned before generally, you don’t earn much in January or February as the ad rates are down by a lot. But in the case of his recent video on squid games, it currently has 230 million views.

Squid Game Video Earnings:

Now let’s assume that he got 3$ RPM (rpm is money earned per 1000 views) as the squid game was popular all over the world and many people may have watched it from different countries. From which country do people view a video also depends in terms of earnings. For example, 1000 Indian views on a similar topic like squid games, you get about 0.6$ RPM. Whereas if the same 1000 views are from us, you earn about 8$. So there’s a huge difference.

Now let’s calculate the money he made in his squid game video. 3$ per 1000 views for 230M views = 3000$ per million views. Multiply it by 230 and you have your answer. He made around 700k$ From a single video. But don’t forget the sponsorships and limited merch sales! He earns easily 500k$ from both of these, in a single video!! So in total, he earned around 1.2-1.3 million $ in a single video. This still is less than the amount he spent, but these videos will get views for a lifetime so it will keep getting views, and he’ll keep on earning. BUT! The squid game was a special video.

Earnings On Regular Videos

If we take a normal mrbeast earnings per video in which he spends around 300k-500k$ on average, he earns the same amount of money in return. For example, MrBeast gets around 50M views per video, so applying similar math and merchandise sales + sponsorship, he will make about the same amount in return. That’s why MrBeast says,

All the money I earn in a single video, I spend it all again on my other videos to make more money.



According to MrBeast, Making money is good, but spending all the money earned in a single video and earning more is better.

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