Do you want to try the GTA V Mobile Version on android? then this fan-made game is for you! Introducing Grand theft auto five mobile version by Terraform games! Today we will take a look at this project and also all of its features! As you all know, GTA 5 is one of the most popular games of all time and has sold millions of copies.

Due to a huge fan following, many gamers who don’t have a pc are always intrigued by it and want to play it on their mobile. So began the craze for developing fan-made versions of GTA 5 mobile. As the technology grew, now we have many independent developers who aim to create fan-made versions of GTA 5. This fan-made game is by terraform games, so all the credits go to them! Let’s take a look at the minimum requirements to play this game.

Minimum Requirements:

To play this amazing game on your phone you need –

  • Android 5.0 or above
  • 2GB RAM+
  • For Ultra Graphics: 6GB RAM+
  • Snapdragon processor for good fps.

Even if you have a very low-end device you still will be able to play this game. But it may lag, if you don’t want any lag then decrease game settings before playing this game.

Decrease these settings

Features of GTA V Mobile:

This GTA 5 android game has many features like the ability to choose between all three characters. The most popular weapons from GTA 5 pc version have been added like Bazooka and more. With the characters you choose, you will be teleported to their house with their original cars present. So you can explore its entire map as it also has huge complete map which can be explored.

Unfortunately, as this is a fan game, it is not complete yet. So the full version of this game may have more features like pedestrians and story mode and much better graphics! So stay tuned.

Gta v mobile

How to install:

To play this game on your android devices, you need to meet the minimum requirements mentioned above. Once you meet the requirements you need to install the game on your phone. The official link to the terraform games GTA v fanmade mobile game is given below:

After installing it, just open the game and start playing it. Depending on your device, the loading of the game will take time. Once it starts, change the game settings according to your liking and enjoy!

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