Roco kingdom mobile – a brand new open-world MMORPG game like pokemon+ is going to be released for mobile devices! In today’s post, we will be seeing all the things that Roco kingdom mobile has to offer! including its possible release date!

Features of ROCO Kingdom Mobile:

This is a brand new open-world Pokémon like game for Android, which in my opinion, may even rival. Pokemon Legends Arceus in terms of graphics and overall gameplay features. I will tell you its possible release date. This game is kind of a mixture of genshin impact and Pokemon giving it a Next Level gameplay. Along with realistic graphics.

So Roco kingdom is currently being worked by Tencent games who have previously worked for games such as Pokémon unite. This means that it is going to be an amazing game. The Roco Kingdom is an open-world role-playing game. Pokemon, like monster collecting game also partially developed by magic mirror studio.

The player will Adventure into and the realistic region just like Pokemon. We have to catch monsters. This game’s graphics are built on Advanced Unreal Engine 4 technology, giving it and beautiful look. And the game is designed in a beautiful anime style that will surely Captivate any gamer. You guys will definitely like to play this game on mobile devices. If you are an anime gamer, playing games like Genshin Impact as the character development is also great of this game.

Main Information & Release Date:

The development of this game started in 2021, and about six months ago, its trailer came out, but it was not the complete trailer, because, during that time, the developers had only completed about 5% of the game. Well, now we have news that this game might be released in 2022 for mobile devices, Android specifically. Most of these Chinese games are only released for Android devices, and not for IOS as is doesn’t allow any kind of third-party applications.

This game’s language will be completely in Chinese. So they won’t be any kind of English version, which is disappointing but not to be confused because there are many fan-made games like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm for Android, from the same game developer Tencent, which is in Chinese.

But never mind it, guys, it will be surely enjoyable even though if it’s in a different language because it will have a similar gameplay system like most of the MMO RPG games and also, like pokemon because, in this game, you have to go outside catch other monsters and battle with other monsters. It also has open-world features. So you can explore the region from a third-person perspective. Along with playing multiplayer with your friends. That is the main reason why I think that it can even rival Pokemon Legends Arceus. Because while being an unofficial game it surely has a lot of potentials to gain popularity from other gamers.

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