Today I’ll be writing about a new way to play Pokemon Legends Arceus on mobile. as you know, Legends Arceus is the latest and greatest game from Nintendo. After more than six months from its release now, we can finalise play this game on android. But just to be clear this game hasn’t been released for mobile devices yet. The way to play it which I will be mentioning today is going to be unofficial.

How To Play Pokemon Legends Arcues On Mobile

As you all know, this is the generation of cloud streaming. Now we have a brand-new app available on play store which lets you stream many games on android. Pokémon legends arceus happens to be one of them.

The app which will be using is available officially on playstore and one of its feature is that everyone gets a trial to experience cloud streaming of any game present in the app. Another feature of this app is that it lets you stream, multiple triple a titles as well. Starting off to play the game you need to install the cloud gaming pass app given below from playstore.

To Play Legends Arceus On Android

You’ll need to do the following steps: Once you open the app for the first time will be prompted to sign into it. Once that is done, you will get an interface similar to this:

Now you have to go ahead and click on the search box, and search for Pokémon. as soon as you do that below it, you’ll get on recommendation of legends arceus. Just click on the game name. Now you’re all set, you’ll be redirected to the Pokémon legends arceus cloud streaming page. Just click on play and the game will start streaming on your device.

Here is something you need to note: This app provides you free trial for only 10 minutes every day. So you can get to enjoy playing a Nintendo game on your android device, but it will be temporary. Of course there are cloud streaming plans, but in my opinion, it’s not worth it. Just enjoy the free trial and you’ll get a feel of playing Pokemon legends arceus on mobile.

And that’s how you play Pokemon legends arceus on mobile.

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