In this post I’ll be telling you a new way to play Pokemon Sword and Shield Game on android. Let’s begin!

First of all this game is known as Pokemon Espada (For Pokemon Sword) and Escudo Essentials (For Pokemon Shield). These two are the new update Pokemon fan made games which very recently got their V2 update after more than a year! Previously this game was available in demo version. The demo was released in 2020. Now in 2022, we have it’s updated version.


Pokemon Espada & Escudo Essentials has amazing features!

  • All Generation 8 Pokemons
  • Complete Sword And Shield Storyline
  • Dynamax & Gigantamax
  • Same cutscenes and subtitles as the original game
  • Complete Galar Region
  • Ability to choose between sword and shield!
  • Raid Battles

These are few of the features of this game, you’ll be surprised when you play it!

Pokemon Escudo Essentials Android

Minimum Requirements

To play this game on android, we will be using an emulator. More on that later, but to emulate this game. You’ll need your device to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Minimum 2GB Of RAM
  • 1GB Free Storage
  • Snapdragon 450 Processor+

How To Play Pokemon Sword And Shield On Android:

Now let’s talk about how to play this game. To play it, first of all you’ll need to install joiplay emulator from playstore. You’ll also need to install the plugins of joiplay. Below i have provided the link to the emulator.

Once you open the above link, you’ll be redirected to Joiplay emulator on playstore. Just install it and scroll down on it’s playstore page till you find “more by joiplay section”

Click on more and also make sure that you download RPG maker & RenPY Plugin of Joiplay. Once that’s done you are all set! Now we will need to load the Pokemon Escudo Essentials V2.0 On Android.

Just download the game and extract the zip file using Zarchiever! Now you’ll get a folder named “Pokemon EEE Beta 2”. Just go ahead and open the Joiplay app and click on the + button present at the bottom.

Now it’ll ask you to type game name and choose the game file.

Now type the game name and version. Then click on the choose option, you’ll have to select the game.exe. To do that, just click on choose then go to the Pokemon EEE Beta 2 folder which you extracted. And select the game.exe

Now just click on game.exe, click on choose and you are all set! Click on the add game option. Once it’s added just open the game and select Default RTP option and your game should start!

And thats how you can play Pokemon Sword And Shield On Android!

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