Welcome to frozttech.com, In this blog, I’m gonna tell you about How you can play PUBG PC on any device or on any browser. It doesn’t matter if your PC/Laptop has 2GB Ram or Even you are using a smartphone. After reading this blog you can play this game for a lifetime free. So, let’s get started.

As we all know cloud Gaming is quite popular in this advanced world and there is many cloud gaming application with their hi-fi price but there is only a few application that provides some free trial. But on google stadia you can play a few games for free you don’t need to buy or purchase any type of subscription. Just follow some steps that are given below to create an account and Play PUBG PC for free.

How to sing up on google stadia?

  • Open Google stadia in your browser
  • sing up with your google account
  • Set up your profile

Note:- If you are unable to access Google stadia then use VPN and connect with USA.

How to Play PUBG PC ?

  • After sing up, go to games option
  • Find game by searching
  • Click on play option
  • Now enjoy your game

How to get virtual controller while playing on smartphone in Browser?

  • Click on Controller URL (Given below)
  • Set your controller size according to you
  • Copy Code
  • Open stadia and then open your game then type javascript: and then paste your code make sure don’t give any space after typing javascript:

Note:- If this is not working then go to your browser setting > site settings > JavaScript. make sure JavaScript is ON.

Set your controller

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