In today’s post, I will be telling you How To Play REAL Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu For Android.

This Is NOT Related To Pokemon Let’s Go Unity or its original developer. This is Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu For Android. It is the real console version of the game ported to mobile devices.

This game was announced in 2018. Now we finally have its android port.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu For Android:

This game has an amazing storyline, multiplayer system and online PvP battles along with open world gameplay experience.

The following are the features of the game currently.


  1. This game has all the pokemon till generation 8.
  2. It will be based on the Kanto region along with the original graphics of let’s go pikachu Ash.
  3. Mega evolution is one of the features of this game
  4. Entire Kanto pokédex is supposed to be added in this game.
  5. OnlineMultiplayer gameplay
  6. Pallet Town is the only available place in this game for now.
  7. The game will be rendered in 3d along with open-world experience.
  8. It has over 800 Pokemons.

Minimum Requirements:

Now let’s talk about its minimum requirements. To play this game, you will need a minimum Android 5.1 or above. Along with 2GB ram and 3GB of free storage.

How To Play Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu For Android :

To Play Real Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu On Android, you’ll need to download the 600MB apk of the game from the link given below. And install it on your android device.

Once you install the game, you’ll notice that it’ll be in Chinese language, so to login and play this game, follow the video tutorial linked below and sign in to this game.


In conclusion, this is going to be one of the most amazing fan made pokemon games. But not much can be revealed about it as in future this game can get cancelled if Nintendo decides to.

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