In today’s post I’ll show the latest way to play PS4 games on Android using a brand New Real PS4 Emulator For Android.

What Is Mogul Emulator?

It is an so-called PS4 emulator for android which is actually not a emulator but a cloud gaming app. This app has many amazing features, it lets you stream PS4 games on android without needing to own a PS4 or a PC.

Most of all this app is completely free! It can be easily setup and played on any android device. This app is 100% real and can run PS4 games on android. We guarantee you here on Frozttech!

Mogul Cloud Gaming  is a one-stop mobile game application dedicated to serving PC and console game players. It provides players with fast and exciting game information. A massive and detailed Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Game information library allows players to own their own games world Through this platform, you can transfer computer games directly from the server to your mobile phone, and play your favorite PC games at anytime, anywhere!

Mogul Cloud Gaming  is a collection of Steam/Origin/Epic games including all game type,it’s a wonderland for both casual and heavy gamers, and it’s very convenient to use.

You can enjoy the PC game immediately without installation by just click “START” button to save you from storage issue of mobile phone. More surprisingly, the biggest benefit you can get from Mogul Cloud Gaming is “SAVE MONEY”.

You can enjoy yourself by gaining great game experience with great graphics and no latency through our platform, saving you from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on PC games and consoles. Most of the games on Mogul Cloud Gaming  has bluetooth gamepads and virtual keyboards modes, you can also set your own virtual keyboard buttons according to your own habits.

PS4 Emulator Minimum Requirements?

The developer hasn’t mentioned the minimum requirements yet. But assuming as this is just an cloud gaming app, it won’t need any demanding requirements. You will just need the following:

• Android 6 or above.

• An active internet connection.

How To Play PS4 Games On Android Using this app:

To Play PS4 Games on android using mogul cloud gaming app, you need to do the following:

• Install The Mogul Cloud Gaming Emulator latest version from the link given below:

Once you download the Mogul Cloud Gaming App from the above link, just go ahead and click on it and install it.

Now that you have installed the Mogul Cloud Gaming App, make sure that you have an active internet connection!

After that, open the app. It will ask you to login or register a account. Click on register a account, then type and email address. Also set a password. Then click on obtain code. After that you will receive an verification code on your email address. Enter it and click on register. (Note: it may take some time to get the verification code)

Now that you have successfully registered, just login with the email id and password. After that you are all set!

Now click on any game and start playing instantly. Without any queue. Note you get only 40 mins of free trial, once the trial is over you can create a new account and start playing again.


This is how you can play Mogul PS4 Emulator or Cloud gaming app on android. Through this way you can enjoy playing your favourite dream games on to your android device.

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