Today, I will be showing you How to play real Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu On Android using the Skyline emulator, so let’s begin!

I will be showing you the Pokemon let’s go Pikachu game with real console Graphics for Android. Including the same storyline and the same Pokemon world along with multiplayer features. This game has an amazing storyline, multiplayer system, and online PvP battles along with open-world gameplay experience.

Minimum Requirements:

Following are the minimum device requirements to play Pokemon let’s go Pikachu on android:

  • Android 10+
  • Snapdragon 720 Processor or Above ( Snapdragon 855 or above Recommended)
  • 6GB of RAM.
  • Skyline emulator

As you saw in the minimum requirements, you will need to download the skyline Nintendo switch emulator on android to play these games. To Download, just follow the post given below and install the skyline emulator on android.

Once you have set up the skyline emulator now you will need to load the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu game on your android device. Follow the procedure given below.

How To Play Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu On Android :

To play this game, you’ll need to dump the Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu xci file from your Nintendo switch, or you can search on google. We can’t provide you with the link to the game as we don’t condone piracy.

But we can provide you with the link to the Demo Version Of Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu which will be of 2GB. You can try out this demo version on your android device to see if your device is good enough to emulate Pokemon let’s go Pikachu, it will also save your time. You can get the demo version of this game for free from the official Nintendo website itself which is linked below!


You need to open the link given above and click on the ‘download demo‘ option. After that, you will need to sign in or create a Nintendo account. Once you sign in then click on download demo again and it should start. After that, you will get the Pokemon let’s go Pikachu/ Eevee demo nsp file.

Now open the skyline emulator, select the folder where you stored the nsp file and your game will be loaded. Now open settings.

After that, scroll down till you find the docked mode option.

Make sure that it’s un-ticked. Or else your game will crash. So after applying this setting, just open you game and enjoy!


This is the only way you can play real Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu On Android.

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