In Today’s post, I will tell you how to install and play the new updates of skyline emulator android. I will also be providing the list of games which work in Skyline. Also note, you might face issues like the app not being installed. I will tell you how to fix that as well, Let’s begin!

What is Skyline Emulator?

Skyline is a free open-source Nintendo Switch Emulator For Android devices. This emulator is currently under development and can be used to play Nintendo Switch games on android.

Currently, at the time of writing this, the skyline emulator is can run about 35 games without any major bugs or framerate issues. It can boot and run many other Nintendo switch homebrew games and commercial 3d games too. For emulating switch games you’ll need a really good device. But to play 2D games in it you won’t need a high-end device. Here are the minimum requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Android 10.0+ (Compatible with Android 12)
  • 4GB Ram (To run easy 2d games like sonic mania)
  • Processor – Snapdragon 660+ For 2D games and Snapdragon 855 or above for 3D.
  • Note: Skyline officially says that you need a snapdragon 855 or above processor to play their emulator.

Now Let’s install skyline emulator assuming that you meet the requirements.

How To Install Skyline Emulator:

To play the latest versions of the skyline emulator first make sure that you have uninstalled any previous versions of it. This is very necessary as if you don’t uninstall you will get an app not installed issue. Afterward, download the latest version of skyline emulator’s ftx1 branch builds from the link given below.

To download the skyline emulator, make sure that you have signed in to your GitHub account.

Now once you open the latest build, scroll down and download the apprelease.apk of around 8mb.

Your download for the skyline emulator latest update should start now. It will be downloaded in apprelease.apk zip file. So to open the zip and install the skyline emulator, use a file manager and extract the zip file, you can use Zarchiever. Open the zip file and install the apprelease.apk. And there you have it! Your skyline emulator will be installed.

Now open it as usual and select the folder where you have stored your Nintendo switch games, and enjoy!

Here’s the compatibility list for list of games which work/boot in Skyline emulator along with their issues etc.

That’s All For Today!

4 thoughts on “Skyline Emulator Android New Update Download

  1. Pedro says:

    Nice meu patrão

  2. Junaid says:

    Cool game,
    and I will be play sonic

    1. rtvr56565 says:

      I have snapdragon 455 and 3gbs of ram and I can run Sonic Mania Plus at max fps and 3d games (with a lot of lag and sometimes it doesn’t open, but sometimes it runs)

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