Spiderman is one of the most famous Marvel characters. If you are a spider-man fan too and you don’t have a PC but want to play spider man games on your Android phone with amazing graphics then this article is definitely gonna help you.

There are many spiderman games available for PC but there are not many spiderman games available for Android. Even if you will able to find any spiderman games for Android you will don’t like their graphics but don’t worry gamers. R- user games named YouTube channel having 1M+ subscribers creates some fan-made game with amazing graphics and now they made a fan-made spider man game. They mostly target open-world-type games. They even introduced some updates after some time. You can check out their channel for more updates.

Spider-man fan made game

This fan-made spider man game has an amazing open-world environment and amazing graphics too which you will definitely love. This game is still under development so you can expect that they will push new updates too. Don’t expect weekly updates they take their time and it depends on viewers’ demand too.

About R-user games

They currently have 1M+ subscribers. They are known for making fan-made games with amazing graphics just like the one which we are talking in this article. They created some fan-made games like watch dogs 2, Grand Theft Auto. They don’t release fan-made games frequently, they take their time. They haven’t created so many fan-made games but even the few that they made are famous. The graphics of the games that they created are really amazing.

About Spider Man Game

You can roam in the city freely and can use spider-man webs to climb over buildings and can do different stunts overbuilding too. There are 18+ spider man suits available, you can choose your favorite one. Besides all this game comes with amazing graphics and it has one sample mission (car pursuit mission). You can expect some more missions to come in the future.

Minimum requirements

The game has amazing graphics no doubt but you will only be able to enjoy it smoothly when you have a good phone. This game is already highly optimized to run perfectly. If you want to run this game on your device then you at least need 2GB of RAM. The size of the game is about 308MB. You can face lag problems even on 2GB RAM. Your devices should be running on Android 5+. So this is all about requirements. Aside from all this, the performance of the game totally depends on the processor of the phone.

How To Install

To install it, you can check out the official creator of this fan-made spider man game! Search R-user games on youtube! It’s super easy to install, we are not redirecting you to someone else’s channel. Search for the video it’s the R-user game’s official channel.


This is a fan-made game, not an original game so don’t expect that you will get many missions to do it has only one sample mission for now but of course, they might add more missions soon. The game is amazing according to the size. You can give it a try and you can find more fan-made games like this on R-user games YouTube channel.

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