As You all may know that there is a lot of rumor nowadays on the so-called Tesla Pi Phone Or Tesla Model Pi. A phone rumored to be released in 2022! Well, no. Let’s uncover the truth of the Pi phone!

What is Tesla Model Pi?

It’s a hoax. No, I’m not joking. the whole project is based upon rumors. Well not completely, as apparently Tesla model pi’s renders were leaked. But that’s it, every other information that you see online about this phone is totally false. Almost all the reports available on this next-gen phone are not true. And I will tell you all the confirmed details of this phone. So let’s begin!

Tesla Model Pi Phone All Leaked Features:

• For now, there isn’t any official confirmation of the tesla model pi phone, but we do have leaks! Apparently, the Tesla Pi Phone is rumored to work even on mars with the Starlink feature! Seems too good to be true right? but Tesla has already proved us wrong many times!

• According to the leaked render of the Tesla model Pi Phone, It is supposed to have a quad-camera setup. And it is rumored that the camera can possibly be powerful enough to take pics of the space! it will also work with Tesla’s neuralink. It may be the first phone which can mine mars coin cryptocurrency straight out of the box!

Other than this there arent any other confirmed leaks, everything else is just speculation.

Possible Specifications of Tesla Model Pi Phone:

As it may be used to mine cryptocurrency it should have great specifications!

• It can have a snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor. Along with 8-12GB of ram and up to 1TB of storage! It may feature an OLED punch-hole display around 6.6 inch with a 120hz refresh rate display!

Pricing And In Which Countries Will It Be Released?

The Tesla Model Pi Phone May have 3 Variants starting from 8GB Ram and 256 GB ROM Variant. Up to 12GB Ram and 1TB Rom! So the prices will differ for each variant. According to a few leaks, The Tesla pi phone may start at 899$ for the base variant. Up to 1299$ for the flagship variant. It may not be released worldwide and just for a few major countries like the US, Canada, UK, Russia. It may also get released in India but with increased prices as this phone. As the phone will need to be imported for that, but once it’s released people very well may be able to buy these phones from sites like AliExpress, etc.

When Will It Be Released?

Now there isn’t any specific release date for this pi phone but we can expect it to be released in late 2022 or in early 2023 as tesla likes to take it slow just like they did with the Tesla CyberTruck. But I’m sure the wait will be worth it as this is going to be a revolutionary phone as it can mine cryptocurrency, and it will come with Tesla’s own OS or with Android OS!


In Conclusion, Let us wait for this amazing phone to get announced by the man, the legend Elon musk himself in his upcoming conferences of late 2022 or early 2023, but keep in mind that there is a slight possibility that the pi phone might not be released at all just like the Tesla roadster, and make sure that you don’t fall for the fake rumors online!

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