Today I’ll be giving you the best 2022 Pokemon Game for android. This game is also available on Playstore. Let’s take a look at it’s features!

Pokemon World

Experience the colorful world of monster pets and catch them all!

Welcome to the colorful world of the Pokepets! As a fresh new trainer, catch and raise over 200 pokemons of many different attributes and raise them all to challenge other trainers to pet battle! Merge and evolve them into even more powerful pet versions!

Every pet is useful for different environments and against different monsters. You must plan your team lineup carefully by studying your opponents to break their Pokepet teams! Explore the wonderful world of pet monsters and catch and train them, whether in the wild or from your enemies!

Experience your journey in beautifully rendered 3D – traverse forests, swim in clear waters, sweat in hot desert landscapes, swelter in volcanic areas and many more.

Colorful RPG World. Beautifully rendered 3D World. Biomes with different environments and catch pets in their ecosystems. Rainforests, deserts, volcanos, swamps, ocean, and many more

Intense Global PvP Encounter other players when catching monster pets in the overworld. Defeat players and other Pokepets for trainer balls used to trap monstersIt’s a race to catch all the rarest monsters!Challenge World Bosses that randomly spawn in the overworld for amazing rewards

Minimum Requirements:

To play this pokemon game on android you’ll need:

  • Android 4.4 or above
  • 2GB RAM
  • An active internet connection

How To Install?

As mentioned before, you can directly download and play this game from playstore! Below i have provided the link to download this game. It’s a direct link which will open your playstore app. Just click on install and make sure you have 1gb storage free. Once it’s installed, start playing now!

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