In today’s post, I will show you How to install & play the Best 3DS Emulator For Android.

What Is A Citra BiFrozT Emulator?

Citra BiFrozt is an optimized, alpha version of the Nintendo 3DS emulator for android released in April 2020. It is an open-source fork of the project Citra MMJ Android that can currently emulate, almost 3ds games on android. As the Citra bifrozt is a fork of Citra mmj, it also has fantastic features present it in, in addition to more new features.

Why is it the Best 3DS Emulator?

“I myself, who created this fork of citra have no opinions on citra bifrozt, but you guys are the one who tell me if it’s amazing or not”

BiFrozT / ApTrex.

These were the first few words that the creator of this fork mentioned, and the audience speaks! Overall around 90% of the people really liked Citra BiFrozT Edition, and 40% of them prefer it over official Citra and Citra mmj as you will definitely get more fps in Citra bifrozt. This is amazing as this 3ds emulator for android has not received any update for the past 9months.

Minimum Requirements:

To install the Citra BiFrozT Edition you will need:

  • Android 5.1 Or Above (The SDK version has been lowered to support old devices)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • OpenGLES 3.2 (Most important, you can check your OpenGL version in CPU Z app from play store

These are of course the minimum requirements, but you might still face app not installed issues even if you meet them on some devices. To fix the app not installed issue delete the Citra mmj android and official Citra emulator from your android if you have them installed. As this may prevent installing, even if you do this and still face the app not installed then don’t worry, it happens to lot of forked emulators. If that’s the case then unfortunately there is no solution for that.

How to Install?

To install and play this 3DS Emulator for Android, you will need first to make sure that you have uninstalled any Citra emulator that may be present on your android device, as this may cause conflict.

Next, you will need to download The Citra BiFrozt edition.

Now simply install the apk, file, and enjoy. As its creator, I can guarantee that this app does not come with any virus, unlike the other fake 3ds emulator forks.

Once you have installed this emulator, just select the folder where you have stored your Nintendo 3ds games. And that’s it, you’ll be able to emulate 3ds games on android,

If you want to get more fps, then you should definitely try the configuration linked below.

Once you download the configuration it will be in a zip file, so just extract it and you’ll get the config-mmj.ini. This is our configuration. Copy it and paste in your internal storage > Citra bifrozt edition > config folder. Replace it with the original config mmj.ini present in that folder.

And that’s it! Let us know in the comments if this emulator works great or not.

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