Possibly, The BEST Pokemon game for android has finally released for beta testing! Pocket Pokemon Remake is a New 3D game for android. You can download and play this game right now from the official BiliBili Games. Today I’ll talk about all the features of this game and how to play it. Let’s begin!

Pocket Pokemon – Remake

2022 Pokémon casual adventure card game “Pocket Remake” debuts! The top-level next-generation UNITY3D engine is dedicated to construction, and thousands of people have created 3D luxury image quality with ingenuity. In the battle scene, the super-gorgeous and cool wizard nirvana animation is displayed, bringing you an unprecedented audio-visual feast.

Recreate the classic Pokémon and relive the childhood emotion! Explore the wild grass and catch the beasts and elves! Mega evolution, elves break through the final form, unlock new skills! Special trade functions, free trade of divine beasts, learning machines, and carry-on items!

Eight Great Avenues Pavilion, the Four Heavenly Kings. Complete freedom to explore the gameplay. In restoring the classic gameplay of handheld consoles, breakthroughs and innovations are made to realize multi-person exploration at the same time.

[Blu-ray quality, crafted by thousands of people] High-quality art production, thousands of original paintings are dedicated to restoring the world of Pokémon! Exquisite character & sprite modeling, with extreme detail.

Pocket Pokemon Remake

Best Pokemon Game For Android?

With all the features added in this game, it can be called as One of the BEST Pokemon Games for android. The game is also compatible with low end devices. All of this makes it worth trying this game. Only downside of this game is that it’s in Chinese. But the english version may be released during the global release of the game.

How to install & play?

To play this game on android, you’ll need to download it from the link given below and install the apk file. You’ll also need to sign in to the game through BiliBili Games account. If you don’t have one then watch the video linked below to learn how to create a BiliBili games account and play the games.



Once you have successfully installed this game on android, to sign up and start playing watch this video.

Follow all the steps and enjoy the game!

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