In Today’s list, I will tell you The Best Top 10 pokemon games for android of 2022 with high graphics & best story! I will be providing the download links to these games as well, let’s start.

Top 10 Pokemon Games For Android:

So Here’s The List And Links To The Top 10 Games Along With their specialty.

Number 10: Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter

On the number 10 spot, we have the Pokemon Adventures Red Series For Android. Hands down the best Pokemon story game I ever played. This game is very worthy of our top 10 list as it features amazing plot twists and it’s really well written. The best part of this game is that you can play it on any android device no matter if it’s low-end. Unlike the other high graphics game which will be upcoming in this list.

Currently, Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter 1 can be played on android. Chapter vol 2 of the games isn’t released yet but will be soon. Till then, click on the button below to download the game.

You will also need a gba emulator to play this game. Download my boy GBA emulator or John GBA from play store to emulate it on mobile.

Number 9: Pocket Incoming

Pocket incoming is a 2021 Pokemon game which is a PvP battle game with amazing visuals, multiplayer gameplay experience with many events. It has nearly all Pokemons till generation 8. This game is based on battling other trainers online in a PvP battle arena with lot of animations. When you win, you get rewards that you can use to unlock other Pokemons. The size of this game is about 200MB (apk of 78MB and other files will be downloaded in the game).

Number 8: Pokemon Aloha Pika Pika

Aside from the weird name, this is a pretty amazing game. It has really impressive 3d graphics with features like open-world, multiplayer, mega evolution, and more! The game is about 1GB and most android devices can run it. It also has Pokemons till generation 7. The game takes place in Pokemon sun & moon’s alolan region.

Number 7: Moeke Legends

Moeke Legends is the ultimate Pokemon RPG experience on your mobile device. You can catch Pokemons till generation 8 in this game. It has amazing graphics and an open-world gameplay experience with a multiplayer system. This is an online Pokemon game, you’ll need to use Singapore VPN to access the Pokemon servers in this game. You can download SecureVPN from Playstore and connect to Singapore servers, then open the game.

Number 6: Pokemon X And Y

Now you can play the official Pokemon X And Y game on android using the Citra 3DS Emulator on android. You’ll need Pokemon X and Y 3ds ROMs of 2GB downloaded and also a Citra emulator on your android device to play this game. Pokemon X and Y is really amazing game with the original Kalos region storyline and open-world journey.

Number 5: Pokemon Sun & Moon

This is another one of the 3DS Pokemon Games that you can emulate on your android devices. This has the storyline and characters from the Pokemon Alola region and has amazing console graphics. It has to be one of the best pokemon games you can play on your android devices. Again, to play this game you’ll need to have Pokemon Sun or Pokemon moon 3DS ROM on your android device and also the Citra emulator which is linked above.

Number 4: Pocket Duel (CN)

Pocket duel is an amazing clone game of Pokemon X and Y for android. To play this game you will not need an emulator. So this game will be compatible & playable even on low-end devices. It too features amazing open-world graphics with all the Pokemons till generation 8. This game is based on the Kalos region and its character.

Number 3: Pixelmon Android

Pixelmon is an amazing Pokemon Modpack for Minecraft. If you have played Minecraft then you’ll know how fun it is. But if we add an extra layer of Pokemons in Minecraft then it’ll become even greater than before.

Pixelmon Features Gigantamax, Dynamax, Mega Evolution, and much more! Including hisuian forms in its upcoming update. In Pixelmon, you get an amazing survival adventure with your favorite pokemon. You can also play multiplayer. I will link the tutorial below to play Pixelmon On Android.

Number 2: Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Mobile (CN)

Now we are getting serious. On the number 2 spot, we have the Pokemon let’s go Pikachu for android. Yes you heard it right, if you know then recently I made a video on how to play this amazing high graphics pokemon game on android.

This game has the entire Pokemon let’s go Pikachu region remastered in 3d for android. It includes the same battle animations and textures as the original Nintendo switch game.

Number 1: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond For Android

On the number 1 spot is real Pokemon Brilliant Diamond switch version on android. You can play Pokemon BDSP on android using the platform. It will be 100% real brilliant diamond switch game with amazing graphics, the original storyline and more.

To Play it, you’ll need to open the link below, login/sign up on and click on Play Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. (Note: use only chrome browser on your android phone) and the game should start. Once it starts just go ahead and tilt your device to landscape mode and enjoy. You’ll get to play it easily for unlimited times.

And that concludes our today’s Top 10 Pokemon Games For Android list!

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