Now anyone can play any high-end pc game on the phone. Some people think that it is not possible but with the help of cloud games, it is possible. With the help of cloud games, anybody can play any type of pc game on their smartphone but you must have a good internet connection.

What is Cloud Games?

When a game is running on servers remotely and streaming in your device then it is called cloud gaming. Cloud gaming can be done on any device even on low-end smartphones or PCs. There are many apps available for cloud gaming but only a few of them provides a free trial. Most of them are paid. Some apps also provide playing hours and then you buy more playing hours if you want to continue to play.

Best Cloud Gaming App

Earlier there is no app in India for cloud gaming but now there are a few apps for cloud gaming. Today I am going to tell you about the best 3 cloud gaming apps.

3. Planet Cloud

You can say that this app is not a cloud game but here you can buy remotr server, parsec server, etc. even there are many servers like this. If you don’t have the money you can collect coins by watching ads. Then you can use those coins to purchase any server. The coin collecting process can take time but in return, you will get free servers, then you can log in to your server which you choose from app there you can use your epic games or steam account to play any games. If you don’t have any epic games account then there is some installed games you can play like GTA 5, Cricket 19, Watchdogs game, etc.

You can download this app directly from the play store. Not only this you can download other mentioned cloud gaming apps from the play store too.

2. The Gaming Project

This app is still in early access. It has 1lakh+ downloads in the Google Play store. Unlike Planet Cloud it does not provide any coins system. It gives you a few hours of free playtime in which you can access some limited games available in their app. If you want to play any popular pc games then first you have to buy their plans they provide monthly, weekly, and hourly subscriptions. On top of that, you should own the games in your epic games or steam account.

There are only limited games even in paid plans but don’t worry it contains many popular games like GTA 5, Watchdogs legion, apart from these two games there are many popular games so just download the app and check it. If you own them then you can play them by purchasing their subscription plan.

1. Netboom

Netboom is a very popular cloud gaming app, it has more than 10M+ downloads. It contains a very wide variety of pc games. There are many games available to play which you don’t need to be owned but at the same time there are many games which you need to be owned but before all these things you should have sufficient coins. They do not provide any free trial or free coins. So if you want to play games then you have to buy coins.

Netboom also conducts giveaways on its discord servers every week. So you can try your luck there if you want free coins.

All these apps are available on the Google Play store and you can download them free of cost. By using any of these applications you can enjoy high-end pc games on a smartphone just by using your internet.

Note:- Fast and stable internet is required to play games smoothly. Otherwise, you can face lag and shutter issues.

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