I will be talking about the top 3 best open-source ps2 emulators for Android devices with no ads and also good compatibility. I will be ranking these 3 according to their optimizations and also the amount of FPS they will receive while emulating PS2 games on mobile.

NO.3: Play! PS2 Emulator

So on the number 3 spot of the best opensource PS2 emulators for Android is the Play! PS2 Emulator. It is really a great project but it’s not well optimized. That’s the only flaw of this emulator. The developers are working on play PS2 emulator regularly and they do provide daily updates. They have even added Vulkan support in Play PS2 latest update. So the performance gain has been improved by a lot in the latest updates of play PS2 emulator, which makes it one of the best PS2 emulator for Android devices. I would recommend you guys try this emulator out.

NO.2: BlackPS2 Emulator

This PS2 emulator is really amazing, even on low-end devices with MediaTek, processor, or Exynos processor this emulator works really great. This emulator also has a flaw that you will be only able to play or install if you have android 10 or above. It will not work on Android 11 devices. It is more optimized and Also has no ads which are also completely free to download and play on your Android devices.

NO.1: AetherSX2 Emulator

This is the best ps2 emulation project out there for mobile devices! It still has a lot of ways to go, But even with that, this emulator is way better than any ps2 emulator out there for Android devices. The minimum requirement starts from Snapdragon 845 or above which sure is a lot but not worry it is even playable on low-end devices and has decent fps and good gameplay experience!

So that concludes today’s list for the top 3 best ps2 emulators for Android!

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