Racing games are one of the most demanding genres in gaming. Gamers play it to feel the experience of the race. With amazing graphics, amazing-looking cars made it more realistic and more enjoyable to play. Sometimes it feels like you are actually in a race. Feeling such type of thing really makes a game more interesting to play.

If you are looking for top racing games for PC then you are at the right place. Today we are going to suggest to you some amazing racing games for pc. This suggestion list contains the top 3 racing games for pc! you can choose your favorite one.

1. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon series is very popular. It has a very big map, 50% larger than Horizon 4’s UK and it’s filled with deserted roads and quaint Mexican towns. You can participate in traditional races, co-op campaigns, season championships, and stunt jumps. You can get pick-up trucks to a super sports car. It has an in-game season that changes every week and they bring new events too. Amazing graphics, new weather, and many more. It is one of the best racing games.

2. Dirt Rally 2

Carve your way through selected iconic rally locations from the globe, in the world one of the powerful off-road vehicles. You can drive your car through real-life off-road environments in Spain, New Zealand, Argentina, etc. You can create your team, hire staff, and can expand your garage. Participate in championships in single-player and in online too. Get real off-road vehicle experience. Drive with Dirt Community in daily, weekly and monthly challenges, worldwide leaderboard, and new events.

3. Project Cars 2

It has 180+ elite racing and road cars. Its road and weather system affects the vehicle’s performance which makes it more realistic. It has 12k and VR supports and online championships too. Many different surface areas like dirt, mud, ice. It gives you a real-life car handling feeling.

All the games in the list above have a high demand of system requirements because of amazing graphics, realistic physics, and many more. All games are good so choose your favorite one and become a racer and race in different conditions to become the best racer.

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