Battle royale games are one of the most famous genres in gaming. PUBG mobile is very famous in this genre, due to its good graphics. Battle royale games are not limited to PUBG and free fire, there are some upcoming battle royale games for mobile with amazing graphics.

Battle royale is famous because of the last man standing concept, it just seems an easy task but at the same time, it is tough. Some players just play for fun but there are serious players too who use a different strategy to win the game. Playing these types of games also makes the mind sharp and people literally love it. Today I am going to tell you about 3 upcoming battle royale games for smartphones.

1. Apex Legends Mobile

Their developer is testing this game with a limited number of users. You can pre-register for this game on the play store. Multiplayer squads, first-person and third-person shooter game. Players are waiting for you on fields, survival is the only way to make out till last. You can customize with a unique skin. Battle against 19 squads in 60 person battle royale games. But you cannot try these things now because the game is not available to download. They announced just a soft launch for now.

2. Battlefield

It is not available in India yet. If it is available in your country you can pre-register for it. Lead your squad to the battlefields on mobile with FPS combat, make team strategy, and stand till last. Fight to get control over vehicles like tanks. Customize your solider and increase their capacity. You can upgrade your weapons, gadgets, skins. Destroy vehicle, work with the team and stand till last. Enjoy many modes and maps too.

3. Valorant

Valiant is a very famous and well-known game for pc and now it is going to be released on Android but there is not any release date available neither it is available in the play store for pre-registration. It is a First-person shooting game with amazing graphics. In mobile, each player will play as an agent with abilities to attack and defend. There will be 15 agents as of now and they might bring new maps too.

There is no official release date available for now but you can expect all these games to be released this year. So just wait and watch.

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