As you may know, the first ever Playstation vita emulation platform known as the Vita3k android emulator has released a few days ago. Today I will be guiding you through the setup procedure of the emulator. I will also inform you on how to emulate games on the vita3k android port.

To start off let’s talk about the emulator itself. The central fact you will need to understand is that the emulator is still in the early stages and can run only a certain number of games. If you would like to know about the compatibility list, it will be inked later on in this post. You will also need a device compatible with the minimum requirements mentioned below to install the emulator.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Android 7.0+
  • Vulkan 1.0
  • Arm64 Support

The emulator doesn’t have any RAM requirements and it has only basic demands. So most of the android devices of recent times should be able to run the emulator without any problems.

How to install Vita3K android:

Currently, the source code of the android port of vita3k is private. It is recommended by the official developer of the port that emulator must only be installed from their official website. You can get the vita3k android port from their official site here. Simply install it and then we can move to the further steps of setting up this emulator.

How to setup Vita3K android

Setting up the emulator is very simple thanks to the instructions already added in the emulator itself. But this PlayStation emulator is not pre-loaded with sony’s latest firmware. You will need to load the ps vita firmware on your android device, thankful u can get the s vita firmware from sony’s official website here. Alternatively, you can also install and get the firmware while setting up the emulator as it’s already linked in the instructions given in the app.

You will need to load your ps vita roms onto your android devices and they should be in either vpkg format or zip, Else the emulator won’t recognize your roms. Also, most importantly your ps vita roms should be something like this – PCSA(title id of the game).zip and vita3k will have no trouble installing the roms to its own directory. If you are confused and still unable to set up the emulator properly, we recommend you to watch this tutorial below It will help you with visual instructions if you face any issues.

That is going to sum up our today’s post. Hopefully, you are now able to emulate your favorite ps vita titles on the vita3k emulator android.

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