Welcome to another the post, today I will be telling you guys how to actually run yuzu emulator on android. Yuzu is an open-source Nintendo switch emulator.

As you may or may not know yuzu emulator is not officially released for android devices yet! So to play some how will be using netease cloud gaming platform.

What is NetEase?

To put it simply, NetEase is a big gaming company. This company is not related whatsoever with the yuzu emulator. But we can use one of their products to actually play yuzu emulator on android. This product is actually known as Netease cloud gaming.

It’s an free to install app from netease which lets you stream a cloud pc with Windows OS directly on your android devices. This is done by using an active internet connection on your device. And as you all know, yuzu is indeed available for windows and linux but not yet for android. In short, we can use the netease cloud gaming app to stream windows on our phone and install yuzu inside it!

Now you might wonder, how do we actually do this!? To start off we will need to download and install the netease cloud gaming. I will provide the link to it down below. It’s free to download from it’s official website!

Next Steps To Play Yuzu Emulator On Android

Once you install it, you are half way done. You’ll see that there will be lot of games present but unfortunately the app will be in Chinese. To fix it, there are various apps like Screen Translate. This app is available on Playstore and will translate your screen to English in realtime.

Anyways, back to the topic. Inside the app there will be an PC logo. You will have to click it and it will ask you to login to your netease games account. To create a net is games account you can use an temporary United States number which can be found on Google. It will just send you an OTP. Enter the OTP and then click on the PC logo. Your cloud PC with Windows 10 and gaming specifications will successfully start. Inside it, you can open chrome and install yuzu emulator.

we know that the steps are bit complex, so to make things simpler just watch the video linked below. It’ll show you how to step and play yuzu emulator on android.

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